Recovering From Breast Augmentation

The decision to go through a breast augmentation procedure should never be taken lightly. You have to consider a lot of factors and also prepare yourself for the procedure both physically and mentally. Even before you make the decision, it is always good to gather as much information as possible, not just about the medical procedure, but also about the surgeons who specialize in breast augmentation Beverly Hills. It is very important that you consult the best surgeons who have gained years of experience in the field and who have achieved high success rate.

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Breast Augmentation Recovery Beverly Hills

Important Factors to Consider

When planning plastic surgery of the breast, get to know all that you can about the procedure, techniques, your options, clinic facilities, about the surgeons and the cost. Results matter a lot and which techniques are best will differ from patient to patient. If you want a more aesthetically pleasing appearance, then schedule free consultation with the best surgeon practicing breast augmentation Beverly Hills. When planning to undergo a procedure like this there are some important factors you need to consider. Time is an important factor, so decide how fast you want to see the results. Some renowned specialists use a scar less approach that provides quick healing and faster recovery. Apart from choosing the type of breast augmentation technique, you also have to consider whether your body is suitable for it.

Types of Breast Procedures

Surgeons use different types of techniques for breast augmentation procedures and these include saline breast implants, silicone breast implants, no implant or fat transfer breast augmentation. You can also choose endoscopic breast augmentation and umbilical breast augmentation Beverly Hills. Under the breast lift or Mastopexy, some of the techniques used are internal breast lift, donut lift, periareolar mastopexy, vertical mastopexy, lollipop lift, wise mastopexy, full breast lift, mastopexy with breast implants. Breast reduction procedures are available for both men and women. The techniques used for breast revision procedures are synmastia repair, bottoming out repair, contracture repair, and deflation repair, breast implant replacement, narrowing cleavage, breast scar revision and asymmetry revision.

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Useful Post Operative Tips

For quick recovery and to avoid complications follow these tips post breast augmentation Beverly Hills. Excessive use of hands and arms can cause internal bleeding, so during the first week, minimize all activities including driving after which you may resume light activities. Wait for at least a month before you start exercising. Avoid sleeping on your implants during the first month. There are no food restrictions what so ever. Complete the entire course of antibiotics and take pain medication or muscle relaxant only when needed. Avoid smoking. Avoid long showers, instead take quick back showers. Air-dry the taped areas after bath and keep the tape on until your follow up visit.

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