I’m Going to Check Out Super Beta Prostate

cosbpNow that I am pushing 50 years of age, I have to worry about by health more.I have been working out at the gym to get in shape. I also found a juicing book and have been doing a lot of juicing. Juicing is a good way to get a lot of extra vitamins into one’s food regimen. If my friends would have told be I would be juicing for health reasons when I was older, I would have probably told them I love meat way too much. I had developed the worst diet when I was a teen and I still can’t believe that I am eating healthier. One reason I am eating better is because I need my prostate to stay strong.

I have to keep my prostate healthy is because I don’t want to pee every 20 minutes. I know that is one of the side effects of having an enlarged prostate. I have been doing some research in finding the right prostate supplement. The one that I am thinking of using is called Super Beta Prostate. I had many good reviews when I search for Super Beta Prostate reviews on Google. I am thinking about getting a 3 month supply of them.

How I am taking care of myself at age 50

Considering that I’m turning 50 years old, I really need to start caring for my figure better. I already started going to the health club and have already been eating much better than I use too. I can remember when I was school, when I would be able to eat anything and didn’t have to be overly concerned about becoming overweight. I actually have to see a health professional continuously to have checkups to make sure I’m doing alright. Another thing that I have been working to keep strong is my prostate. I have discovered that I been peeing a lot more, which can be one of the unwanted side effects of having an enlarged prostate.

The medical expert I visit informed me that I could use some Super Beta Prostate capsules to help cure it. I never been aware of the supplement before, so when I got to my job I went to the Ask Jeeves search engine and typed: Super Beta Prostate reviews. There are plenty of good evaluations of the product, so I think I am going to use it. I really could make use of a prostate supplement within my diet. My diet is already pretty strong, but I think I can use some extra help. I think that it will help with the prostate condition that I currently have.

Tips For Space Heater Safety

Like any other hot electrical appliance, space heaters should be used with care, particularly around children. Here are 7 ways to warm your home safely:

1. Choose only heaters tested at an independent lab such as UL or ETL.

2. Don’t use an extension cord. Most extension cords aren’t designed to handle this much current.

3. Never dry clothes over a space heater. Though electric heaters are supposed to shut off before they overheat, some take longer than others, so clothes can be scorched or even catch fire before the heat cuts off.

4. Make sure your model has tip-over protection. The safest heaters turn themselves off if they’re knocked over–this feature should be listed on the box. All of our picks passed this test (except the Holmes bathroom heater, which is meant to be mounted).

5. Kidproof it. With kids around, you’ll want a heater that won’t bum their skin if they touch either the grill or the casing. Look for a model with a child-safety button to prevent your kids from turning the heat on or up. Consider these features, too, to protect pets in the house. Because some heaters do reach high temperatures, teach kids to stay at least 3 feet away from them, no matter what.

6. Place it safe. Never set your heater in a high-traffic area. Mount bathroom heaters on the wall, following only the manufacturer’s instructions. And, of course, don’t leave the house with a heater running.

7. Install a smoke detector on every floor.

Space Heating Can Mean Serious Comfort

An electric space heater can keep you toasty. We found 6 models to warm up to–safely.

Why crank up the thermostat to warm a single drafty room? An electric heater can do the job without driving up your heating bills. Many of today’s heaters have built-in safety features and are cool to the much. But you have to shop carefully. When our Engineering team tested 23 heaters in our climatology lab (starting at a chilly 54 [degrees] F.), most of the models warmed up the room quickly and evenly. But when we ran our safety tests–we draped towels over the heaters’ grills to check their overheating safeguards and tipped them over to confirm that they shut off automatically–some models flunked. Here are the safest performers.

Space heaters like this can be big helpers during a cold winter.

Space heaters like this can be big helpers during a cold winter.

Heavy Duty

Honeywell HZ-2110, $49.99(*)

Does your husband spend long hours in an unheated garage or basement workshop? This Honeywell heater will keep him comfortable. Its durable metal casing is scratch-resistant, so a dropped tool here or there won’t mar the surface. A caution light warns you when the heater gets too hot to touch. Push the child-resistant button to lock the controls and keep your little helpers from turning on the heat when you’re not in the room.

Dimensions: 17 1/2″ H by 10 1/2″ W by 7 3/4″ D

Top Value

Marvin 2060, $69.95

If you want to warm a large room, your best option is a powerful quartz heater, like this Marvin, which combines radiant heating (technology that actually heats individuals and large objects in the room, like the couch) with a fan to spread warm air quickly. Among our picks, this model produced the most efficient heating for the money. Despite its intensity, the plastic case stays cool (but watch out for the hot grill). Downside: You’re limited to a high/low dial to set the temperature.

Dimensions: 23 1/2″ H by 13″W by 10 1/2″ D

Bathroom Safe

Holmes HFH-430BR, $29.99

It’s tough getting out of the shower on winter mornings when the tiles are freezing cold. This compact heater, designed to warm your bathroom safely, has an 8-foot cord with a ground fault circuit interrupt (GFCI) plug. The special plug shuts off the power if water accidentally gets into the vents; still, as with any bathroom heater, you should mount this model (with the bracket provided) in a safe spot that’s out of the way of any contact with water. The plastic casing never gets hot.

Dimensions: 9 1/2″ H by 7 3/4″W by 5%” D

Great Timing

DeLonghi MGT-15, $89.99

Wake up to warmth: Just set the 24-hour timer on this DeLonghi heater, and it will turn on before you get out of bed in the morning. Because this heater runs without a fan, it’s practically silent. To save on your electric bills, you can switch the setting from a higher wattage (1,500) to a more energy-efficient 700 or 800 watts. Though the DeLonghi is heavier than most portable heaters, it’s easy to push around on its wheels.

Dimensions: 25 1/2″ H by 8″W by 13 3/4″ D

Petite Performer

Pelonis HC-451, $89.95

Cut the chill in record time: The 4 ceramic discs inside the Pelonis heat up quickly–faster than any of our other picks. This mini personal heater is sized to fit under a desk by your feet. (Keep at least 3 feet away.) Turn the knob to pick your preferred temperature. With the fan-only setting, you can cool off on warmer days. Thanks to a removable dust filter in back, this model was the easiest to clean.

Dimensions: 6 1/2″ H by 6 1/2″ W by 6 1/2″ D

Phone: 800-842-1289

Best All Around

Vornado EH1-0005, $99.99

This fan-forced heater was cooler to the touch than any other we tested. And if Bobby knocks the heater over or drops his T-shirt on it, the heat shuts off automatically (our other picks do this too). To keep the room at a comfy 68 [degrees], you can set the specific temperature on the dial, rather than just turning it from high to low. Curved vents and a deep-pitch propeller force the air into a spiral motion for better heat distribution. A handle on the back makes this heater extra portable.

Dimensions: 11 3/4″ H by 11 1/4″ W by 9 3/4″ D

Some Great Health Notes For Men

Being a man is a lot less easy than many ladies like to think. We all want to stay healthy, but are we doing everything we can to ensure we do so? Here are some things to consider:


At 46, an age when many men are already troubled by a flagging sex drive or occasional impotence, Dr. Goldstein says he has never encountered any significant problems and is, in fact, enjoying sex more now than he did in his 20s.

“The few bouts of impotence that I’ve experienced have been related to alcohol use,” he says. “It’s a really bad drug to have on board. If I go to a party and see some guys loading down the drinks, I know their evening afterward will be very predictable.”

Dr. Goldstein attributes his sexual health to the following five pillars of potency, tenets that he preaches in his lectures and practices in his private life. 1. I keep my endothelial cells healthy. These cells form the internal lining of all the blood vessels in your body. It’s believed that any injury to them can lead to plaque deposits that cause the narrowing of arteries and heart disease. Unrestricted blood flow is vital not only to cardiovascular health but also to sexual health. Blood makes your penis firm and delivers a fresh supply of nourishing oxygen. Without it, you’d resemble an overripe grape withering on the vine.

Dr. Goldstein scrubs his endothelials by eating a low-fat, high-fiber diet and exercising regularly (situps, stair-climbing, walking). “It’s all pretty straightforward stuff that most physicians will tell you about living your life,” he says. “But a unique way to look at it is that you’re only as healthy as these endothelial cells, and you’ll age only as quickly as they do.” 2. I never ride a bicycle. Dr. Goldstein doesn’t trust bikes because their scats force you to support much of your weight on the soft tissue between your pelvic bones. Since this nether region contains nerves and arteries that feed the penis, any pressure that’s exerted for long periods can have serious consequences. One of Dr. Goldstein’s patients, for example, became impotent from regularly riding a stationary bike. Horseback riding or straddling any narrow seat can do similar damage. “I never sit on anything where my legs are spread and my body weight is on my crotch,” he states. 3. I’m careful during coitus. “During sexual intercourse, I’m very careful not to bend, twist, spindle or mutilate,” says Dr. Goldstein. “Penises in the erect state are very vulnerable to injury. They’re not designed to bear the weight of a 120-pound female on top of you. I had a patient once who was having intercourse with a woman who was expecting an important phone call. When the phone rang, she changed the orientation of her pelvis while he was still inside her and fractured his penis.

“When my wife is in the superior position,” he adds, “we’re both communicating and I’m holding on so she doesn’t get too out of control. To further protect yourself, never have sex when you’re drunk or mind-impaired or, like I tell my friends, with anyone who’s crazier than you are.” 4. I have erections often. “In the flaccid state, the penis receives less than 0.1 percent of the blood circulating through the body,” says Dr. Goldstein. “That’s lower than virtually every other organ. Its oxygen level is also very low, 35 millimeters of mercury compared to 55 to 60 in most organs. The only time the penis gets a lot of blood and oxygen is during erections. Hence the saying, `Use it or lose it.’ Erections recharge your batteries.”

You can accomplish this with frequent sex and masturbation or, if you’re not as blessed or don’t want to regress, a simple good night’s sleep. “You typically have 1 1/2 to 3 hours of penile erection during a normal, healthy night’s sleep,” he explains. He warns, however, that some antidepressants and certain sleeping pills can diminish the deep phases of sleep, when this natural rejuvenation occurs. 5. I know to treat any erection problem quickly. Don’t handle erectile dysfunction as you would a head cold, waiting patiently for it to clear. “It’s far smarter to get treatment earlier rather than later,” says Dr. Goldstein. “If your penis isn’t getting the oxygen it needs, mild impotence can easily become serious impotence, and then many of the newer, noninvasive therapies won’t be useful.”


Dr. Blackburn is one of America’s premier nutrition and weight-loss experts, but he also knows first-hand how food cravings can run amok. He has battled obesity for much of his life and, at age 60, appears to have finally gained the upper hand. He’s 20 pounds lighter than he was a decade ago, and proudly notes that his risk factors are low for every major disease. But just as an alcoholic is never cured, he must be forever vigilant. Here’s how he patrols his perimeter.

* I weigh myself daily.” The biggest health risk for adults is weight gain,” says Dr. Blackburn, “so I monitor mine daily. When I step on the scale each morning, I compare what I’m seeing today to yesterday, this week to last week, this month to last month, this year to last year. When I see an increase, I immediately know to go into portion control and increase my physical activity. I cannot sense a 3- to 5-pound weight gain without a scale.”

* I eat quarter-portions of fatty foods. “To enjoy the pleasure of the taste, and avoid making myself feel like a martyr for denying my craving, I’ll eat a tiny portion,” he explains. “You simply take the food that’s associated with gaining weight and allow yourself a fourth of a serving.” If you eat it slowly, you’ll be satisfied, and you won’t inflict as much caloric damage.

* I eat one sensible meal a day. “For people like me, it’s often very difficult to stop eating once you’ve had a sensible portion,” admits Dr. Blackburn, “so I expose myself to that risk only once a day whenever there is time to enjoy.” His main, sit-down meal usually consists of two or three vegetables, plus a 2- to 3-ounce portion of fish or fowl, for a total of 500 to 700 calories. Overall, he adheres to a plant-based diet that’s low in fat and high in fiber. He also exercises regularly.

* I keep healthful meal-replacement items and snacks on hand. “To keep myself from getting stark-raving hungry, I eat a healthful breakfast that includes high-fiber whole-grain cereal and low-fat milk. I’ll have one or two Slim Fast shakes during the day,” he explains. “Or I’ll heat up a Healthy Choice entree and add a piece of fruit for lunch.” This keeps the edge off his appetite.


The Framingham Heart Study is the longest continuous investigation of heart disease ever conducted. Begun in 1948, it has provided new insight into the workings of the most mysterious muscle in our body and has contributed to the declining incidence of heart disease in America. Dr. Castelli, a cardiologist and epidemiologist who has been involved with the project since the mid-1960s, has learned its lessons and taken them to heart.

“One day, years ago, when we were going over the reports, I noticed that the average cholesterol count of the men in the study who had suffered heart attacks was around 240,” he recalls. “My cholesterol at the time was about 270. [In those days, 300 + was considered the danger zone.] So I suddenly said to myself, if these guys are dropping dead and they all had cholesterol lower than mine, then what makes me think my cholesterol count is so good?”

Compounding this fear was Dr. Castelli’s family history. Then in his mid-30s, he knew his family had a “terrible history of heart disease,” plus he was already wearing a spare tire around his middle. So he decided to make an experiment of himself and has continued with this plan.

* I eat more fiber. “I start every day with a big bowl of rolled oats,” he explains, “to which I add an equal amount of applesauce or nonfat yogurt. It gives me a great dose of soluble fiber, which has been shown in about 37 studies to lower cholesterol and heart-attack rates.”

* I reduce saturated-fat intake to less than 10 grams per day. “I cut out butter, fatty beef, hot dogs and high-saturated-fat cheeses,” he says. But he didn’t totally eliminate the foods he loves. Rather, he searched for more healthful alternatives. For example, he found a Vermont cheddar that has 75 percent less saturated fat, 98 percent fat-free filet mignons from a ranch in South Dakota and, of late, low-fat hot dogs (see Malegrams for our recommendations).

* I eat fish often. “I eat grilled fish about five times a week,” says Dr. Castelli. The omega-3 fatty acids that it contains have been shown to prevent arteriosclerosis. “We give fish oil to all our patients who have extremely high triglycerides.”

* I eat lots of fruits and vegetables. “I eat at least five servings a day,” he says. “Most of these come at lunch when I eat an extremely large salad. Two vegetables and a smaller salad with dinner round out the day. I snack on fruit.”

* I drink alcohol moderately. Whether it’s wine, beer or whiskey, Dr. Castelli points out, having one alcoholic drink per day (no more) lowers heart-disease risk and even the threat of death from cancer. If you can’t tolerate alcohol, however, don’t start drinking, he advises. You don’t want to replace one risk with another. “I love red wine,” he adds. “I generally buy a nice bottle and make it last one week.”

* I take supplements. “I take 400 I.U. of vitamin E, 200 micrograms of selenium and 200 micrograms of chromium every day because there are good clinical trials showing their effectiveness in fighting heart disease,” he says. “I also take folic acid and 81 milligrams of enteric-coated aspirin daily.”

* I exercise to raise “good” cholesterol. “I jog about 15 miles a week, usually three 5-mile runs,” explains Dr. Castelli. “Each one of the runs usually takes about an hour. I’ve been doing this since the late ’70s, and my ratio of total cholesterol to HDL [the good kind) has improved dramatically.”

* I control stress. “The best way I’ve found is to pray, and never ask yourself how you’re doing. You’ll never be young, pretty, handsome, popular or rich enough, so don’t try.”

So what has been the result of all these changes? “Now my cholesterol is under 200,” he boasts, “and at age 65 I’ve outdistanced both my brother and my father by more than 25 years in staying free of cardiovascular disease. I’m convinced it’s because I’ve led a prudent lifestyle.”

Signs Of A Panic Attack

When one has a panic attack, there are other symptoms and side effects that end up getting the best of the victim. Some of the side effects include increase in heart beat, being short of breath, sweating, trembling, a tingling sensation around the lips, light headedness, chest pains as well as a feeling of being detached from your own self. In order to stop panic attacks, most people tend to treat these side effects and symptoms thus getting the whole idea of how to stop panic attacks. When you have a panic attack you have all the reasons to believe that you are sick due to such symptoms and that is why very many people rush to hospitals to claim that they are unwell other than working on how to stop panic attacks.

Panic attacks are harmless and there is no need to worry of them. If the right steps are taken to stop panic attacks then your life gets back to normal .All that happens is that the person who has had a panic attack thinks that there was something out to harm him or her physically of which it is not a reality. These are some of the basic facts on how to deal with as well as how to stop panic attacks.

If You Are In A Panic Attack

images-13Every person is unique. Every person has his own set of beliefs and values. That is why you do not have a right to judge a person if he perceives that he cannot handle this situation and you think you can. Both of you are two different beings. So whenever you encounter someone with severe anxiety, do not add insult to injury by criticizing him. If you do this, it may worsen his current state and you will be the one having a problem on how to stop panic attacks.

There is not actually an exact explanation as to why these happen but if you have experienced it in the past, then you already have an idea of the triggering factor. By knowing so, you can already help prevent or even stop panic attacks from recurring. Whether or not you have experienced an attack, it is best that you are aware of the necessary things that you need to do in order to stop panic attacks. By then you might probably lose control of yourself or you might not be able to think clearly but always put in your head these simple things: relax, breathe, and focus. Relax your thoughts, breathe in and breathe out, and focus on eliminating the triggering factor in your mind.

Learning To Stop Panic Attacks While Driving

A number of the drivers experience a condition known as driving phobia. This especially manifests on freeways with a bunch of excuses for not driving. Driving case phobias are known to follow a traumatic event and will cause the heart of the driver to race very first and the hands to go clammy. This however does not relate to the experience one has in the field of driving. The same feeling can be occurring during relationship break-up, work stress or even at cases of bereavement. The older people are also associated with the panic attacks. They start showing through mere avoidance. This is where the person tries to bring about excuses as to why he/she cannot drive. The consequences of such behavior can majorly be on the sociability of the person. Once the features start showing in you or your relative, then it is time to stop panic attacks with some help from http://howtopreventpanicattacks.org/, which tends to offer a lot of valuable information about the subject.

During driving, in case the fear arises, just feel it and do it anyway. Everyone will find him/herself fearing about a situation in life but the difference sets in on the degree of fear. Facing the fear often brings about the feelings of elation. However, you should not face all the fears at once. You need to take small steps and avoid rushing. Congratulate yourself on every successful step you achieve. Lastly, you can stop panic attacks by sharing your experiences with friends, using your imagination and making the whole phenomena pleasurable.

Natural Method To Stop Panic Attacks

images12The masses are trying to figure out on the various ways to stop panic attacks without necessarily resorting to medication. Physicians will play their role of prescribing for you drugs like the tranquilizers, beta-blockers and also the antidepressants. However, as much as they may be considered as the solution, they tend to have quite serious side effects to the user. This has increased the number of people not ready and willing to use them as the first hand solution. Thus, they are pondering on the natural ways of curbing down the problem. Such natural means of preventing the attacks do exist but it is important for the victims to understand all the home truths pertaining to the panic attacks. Below are the four major fundamentals of going about the whole process.

Regard the panic attack as an isolated one. Keep in mind that there is no any medical reason that you should keep on suffering or experiencing them. Any further panic attacks come because of the fear you have of experiencing another one. It is important you get rid of the fears and you will sure stop panic attacks. Keep in mind that there is no known case of any person who died due to the attacks. Regardless of the feelings of doom you may experience, just remember that you are not going to die. Finally, you should try embracing the fear and meeting it head-on but not running away from it or even blocking it.

Understanding Causes Of In A Bid To Stop Panic Attacks

Panic attacks can really stop a person from living his life to the fullest. The anxiety usually causes one to have a very painful experience that is occasioned by shortness of breath. When you understand the causes of this condition, you will be better placed to confront and stop panic attacks from stealing control over your life. One factor that triggers it is going through a particularly stressful transition in life. Things like loss of a loved one, marriage and divorce can be instrumental in causing it. When one perceives that she is going to have to confront a responsibility that she is not sure of handling, a panic attack can result. This shows why there are cases of new mothers who suffer from it as do students who are about to face a major exam. There also are diseases that will predispose you to this condition mainly because of the physical and psychological strain it has on you.

However, to effectively stop panic attacks, you have to get a proper diagnosis from a doctor. The symptoms it has will usually be similar to those of other ailments and an expert needs to clearly state the problem troubling you. Instances like withdrawal from certain medications as well as hypoglycemia should not be confused for panic attacks.

Consequences Of Panic Attacks

images-11People who have no panic attacks might not understand the serious problem of having panic attacks. It is not easy. There are actually horrible consequences of panic attacks if they are not put to stop. Some of these are severe anxiety that can lead to not be able to breathe normally and other consequences like landing in the emergency room. That is why to stop panic attacks should be done. Now, to stop these consequences that can lead to a health problem, you should know simple and easy ways to follow to stop panic attacks. These are very easy but perhaps, difficult to do. Yet, you have to do all that you can so can follow them. As perhaps already discussed by some experts, the ways to stop these are to ‘act normally’, ‘stay in place’, ‘breathe some fresh air’, ‘think positively’ and ‘be the boss of the panic attack’.

To summarize these to stop panic attacks from coming back, you have to sit, relax, think of other things and be strong. You can become the boss of your own problem. There is no problem that cannot be solved. Besides, you have all those people around who love you and would always be there for you if you need a helping hand. Eventually, you would learn some lessons that can help you fight against panic attacks. You would learn that the consequences are unnecessary for you to go through. After all, they are generically a psychological stress. Therefore, there is a cure to this problem, which is basically a psychological solution.